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San Andreas Application

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San Andreas Application Empty San Andreas Application

Post by Albert on Thu Apr 09, 2015 3:37 pm

In-Character Information

Full Name: Albert Permov

Age: 26

Years Living In Los Santos(level): 21

Do you have a current job?: Yes , Car Mechanic and Lawyer

Have you ever been detained or arrested?(supply reason): Never

Do you have any experience working for the government?: yes , i have ever working for goverment , but that is at other server

Why do you want to work for the government?: Because i want to make sure all San Andreas is safe from corrupption , become the best county

Why should we choose you?: Because , i will take care of my people , i will equitable for all people , i will never cheat and i want to enforce the law , i will give a punishment to who that break the rules  , and I will serve for the nation

Tell the meaning and explain these RP terms-

RP - Roleplay, developing and acting with a fictional character created by the player playing the character. The morals, background, biography, values etc. are defined by the player who develops the character. Normally roleplay also involves following a set of rules to keep the roleplay as realistic as possible, but without ruining the entrrtainment value from it.

Example -
Making a character named James Williams, developing a biography and background story for the character, all of his physical details etc., then roleplaying according to his personality.

DM - Deathmatching, killing/attacking someone without a valid RP reason. This includes killing/attacking someone for minor reasons, such as someone looking at you, complimenting you, giving a minor insult (it could be justified to kill someone for insulting you, but honestly that's going over the top - you should at least threaten the person insulting you and instead of just killing straight away, try to roleplay it somehow by ICly assaulting the person using a melee weapon etc.) etc.

Example -
John Doe walks up to you and smiles, while offering you to take a pamphlet about the history of San Andreas. You take out your weapon and immediately shoot him dead on the spot, claiming you're foreign.

PG - Powergaming, unrealistically forcing your actions upon others (for ex. - /me hits Ty in his face with a bat, then requesting him to respond to your action as if it would be successful, without giving time or chance for the other "party" to respond (in a good RP situation players tend to leave out the "/do Any resistance, /do Reaction? etc." part, but it's recommended to add it after every action and give the other side at least 20-30 seconds to respond, otherwise you might get complained for powergaming, as not everyone in the server tends to understand that good RP doesn't require a spam of "/do Any resistance?" after every action)).

Examples -
- Roleplaying taking out a M4 from your pocket.
- /eject'ing someone from your vehicle without any roleplay (even if it's a newbie - it can get you prisoned).
- Roleplaying surviving a kilometer long fall into open sea after being badly beaten up and swimming back to coast.

MG - Metagaming, using OOC information (such as a nametag above head, OOCly written information in forums etc.) for IC purposes, also includes mixing OOC and IC chats (such as saying "hey mnan admin sir " in character). Using various restricted abbreviations (such as "lol" (laughing out loud/lot of laugh etc.), "wtf" (what the fuck), "u" (you), "y" (why), abbrevations like NOOSE, LSPD etc. are permitted, as they are realistically used) and smilies in IC chats/radios etc. is also considered metagaming, known as "mixing OOC/IC" in other RP servers.

Examples -
- "How do you know my name?" - "It's written above your head."
- "hey mnan where u get that skin mnan?"
[metagaming phrases/words indicated in red in example #2]

OOC - Out of Character, everything related to the real life world. Writing the actions of your characters (/me, /do) are normally considered out of character, as realistically there aren't floating letters describing the actions of each character, but considering the limitations of SAMP (that doesn't allow animations to be performed for every possible action etc.) - /me and /do are used. Although SAMP does allow, for example, fighting to be done without /me's, but it's a common practice to use them in a highly roleplayed fight, to give a fair chance to both sides to fully show their creativity and win the fight with creative and detailed actions.

IC - In Character, everything related to the world where characters developed by players are being roleplayed, having a conversation or other actions that are not related to the actual humans playing the characters, but instead the characters themselves.

CR - Car Ramming - normally referred to as Car Ramming or non-RP Car Ramming, using your vehicle to assault another player without any valid RP involved, this can also be punishable when done against other vehicles (such as ramming a police cruiser with your vehicle to gain the officer's attention, without roleplaying the consequences of such a traffic collision). Normally, it isn't required to roleplay a traffic collision (and you wouldn't get jailed for car ramming in such circumstances), but just purposively driving into the wrong lane to hit another vehicle straight on and then keep ramming it might get you prisoned for car ramming.

CR - Chicken Run(-ning), running in zig zags or various other ways to prevent bullets from hitting you. Due to the large lag and desync programs in SAMP, this tactic works quite well, but it's strictly againist the rules and is considered non-RP because realistically running in zig-zags wouldn't anyhow help you to dodge bullets.

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San Andreas Application Empty Re: San Andreas Application

Post by Kaiz on Thu Apr 09, 2015 7:15 pm

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