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Helper Application - Bob Valle

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Helper Application - Bob Valle

Post by Bob_Valle on Wed Apr 15, 2015 2:46 pm

IG Name: Bob Valle

IG Age:31


When did you approximately join the community? This past few Months

Why would you like to become a Community Helper: now i decide to help the server to improve or to help other player to compain with there problem...
I'de like to say that i have  a lot experience about being a Helper,

Why should we choose YOU and not any other applicant? There's no personal Issues, If this post Didnt Accepted, But i just want to say that, Im willing to help or to improve our server [[Int Gaming]] There a lot of people/Players that want to join one of the Staff in the Server, I suggest to give them a chance just like me if they're doing right, Giving a chance to other are a very good influence to others...
Do you have a microphone? None, But in a shortest time, I'll gonna install it on my computer

Do you have TeamSpeak? If there are no Microphone, TeamSpeak are useless

Do you agree that if you do not stay active, you will be removed without notice? We all Agree, It's not necessary to all the player/People that kicked without Notice, [[I dont want to make this answer longer]]

Do you understand that being a Community Helper requires a lot of your time? All of us, Already know that, Im playing at our server 3-4 hours a day, So there's no way that i can't help the server improve

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((Screen Shot of /stats:))  :" />

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Re: Helper Application - Bob Valle

Post by Kaiz on Thu Apr 16, 2015 6:36 pm

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