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Shouko's SANews Leader application

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Shouko's SANews Leader application Empty Shouko's SANews Leader application

Post by Shouko on Sat Apr 18, 2015 3:24 pm

Name* Shouko_Acosta

Address* Los Santos

Phone Number* -360

E-mail Address* Davoncardosa@ymail.com

Education* Cebu Institute Of Technology - University

Origin* Filipino

Photo of you*
Shouko's SANews Leader application 11152340_387038698148221_8329315043994664349_n

Biography* ((Minimum of 150 Words)) I was Born in All Saints Hospital in Sept 13 1995. His Mother was Leah Acosta and his Father is Emerito Acosta. At the age of 18 He studied In Cebu Institute of technology- university. His course was Political Science based on reporting. He graduated at the age of 20. Now He is applying as a SANews Leader.

Why do you want to be a news reporter? ((Minimum of 50 Words)) Because i used my skills and my course to communicate in other people.I want to know all people what is happening in the server

Why should we accept you?* ((Minimum of 45 Words))
because i have an experience to become a News Reporter and i have a more Self Confidence to communicate with other people

Age* 15

Gender* male

Location* Idlewood

History with other families/factions* i have an experince to become a helper and the one of the owner of The Black Hand Triads

Screenshot of /stats*
Shouko's SANews Leader application 11088335_387040831481341_5437829123371225967_n

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Shouko's SANews Leader application Empty Re: Shouko's SANews Leader application

Post by Danny on Sat Apr 18, 2015 4:36 pm

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