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Community Helper Application

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Community Helper Application

Post by TylerG on Sun Apr 19, 2015 3:21 pm

IG Name
Tyler G Jackson
When did you approximately join the community?
2 March 2011
Why would you like to become a Community Helper?
I have been a community member for more More than two years , I have joined multiple factions and families but never held a staff possition. I am aware that becoming a community helper will probably increase my chances in becoming a community advisor , possibly an administrator as well . That's why ,today I am willing to become a helper to achieve my goal and try new things, earn more experience in this field .
One of the the reasons I want to join is helping new players , while being on line I have seen alot of questions not being answered even though they were simple ones . Also newbies have been breaking alot of rules wich is normal as they just joined the server , so I woud like to bring awarness to them and help them understanding this server rules and offenses and help them getting stated.
I have always enjoyed helping people , whenever I see a new player I take him with me , show him most of the places around San Andreas ,explain how this server works , commands and such answer all his questions , give him money and take him to pier 69 for a good start . The helper team will certainly benefit from my knowledga.
Why should we choose YOU and not any other applicant?
Well, I think you guys should select me as a Community Helper for the following reasons:
* I have been active on INT:RP for a long time which I'm still enthusiastic about. From the time playing on INT RP, I've build a lot of roleplay experience
* I am active and I play like Six hours per day .
* I am a guy who take what he is doing on the seriously way.
* In the past I was known as a rulebreaker but I learned from my mistake and I fixed my behavior.(Joind Some Factions to
avoid Breaking rules and rule breakers)
* I am loyal And Friendly
* I am a experienced member in the community and as I said i think its time to hold a staff position.
*I am a work hard person and I can learn faster .
*I am guy who learn from his mistakes
*Once I become a Helper I will be Giving Detailed Answers to the Newbies's questions.
Thank you , thats all.
Do you have a microphone?
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