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Post by Tahir_A_Khatri on Tue Apr 21, 2015 3:31 pm

Surname: Smith
First Name: Clark
Middle Name (If pertinent): NA
Date of Birth: 9 March, 1995
Place of Birth: Canada
Nationality: Canada
Street Address:790 Saint Lawrance St.
Years living in Los Santos ((level)) 11 years.
City: Los Santos
Country: San Andreas
Marital Status: (Are you married? If so, to who?) NA
Contact Number: -602
Email Address: ClarkSmith@ gmail.com

Personal Biography:
Baby (0-36 months):
When I was a baby I born at a hospital called City Hospital in Canada. Back in the years I was born in, there wasn't most of this fancy technology fancy stuff going on. The doctors did expect me to have a normal, well functioning life, and I do. There isn't really much to really talk about when I was a baby, but I'll go ahead and move on.

Kid years (3-11 years):
When I was a kid I used to love toys, as a matter of fact my first toy that iv'e ever wanted was a little toy pop gun, you load the gun up with an orange roll and you pull the plastic gun that will trigger the POP sound. I know they are useless but I was a kid back then, now I realize how useless and pointless as well as a waste of money they are. My mom convinced me to leave the toy, even though I wanted it really bad, for a toy car. The car was an undercover FBI explorer, light bars were hidden under the dark tinted windows of the explorer. I continued to play with it for days on and on. Eventually I decided and thought to myself in my head, "This is what I'm going to be when I grow up. Ya, ya go ahead and call me a wannabe, but I know you had your wannabe moments as a kid as well. Toys weren't the only things I were into, when my mom and dad had to go out and work we were left with a baby sitter. Our babysitter had her own little game consoles, the were the PlayStation 1 and the game cube. I can't recall the name of the game but it had the worst graphics ever, but then again expectations weren't really high up back then. It was just simply a game where you just drive around and if you felt like it you could have cops chase after you for reckless driving. That wasn't my favorite game though, I'd say my favorite was on the game cube, it had a game called Mario cart. Now for a console and a game back then Mario cart was probably one of the most funnest, exciting, best graphics for a game ever. My school life was going pretty well, I was making great grades, I also was really good at basketball, I'm not good anymore, I was probably never good, maybe just the factor of me being very tall for a 5th grader made me good.As for my grades and my friends I knew how to balance them, unlike now, I knew when to put my school work ahead of my friends and yes, sometimes friends ahead of school work, you must always know your limits, never procrastinate, always be on time with your work so you don't have to worry about it later, but at the same time know your limits, don't work all your shit out in one day.

Pre-teen and teen years (12-17 years):
Yeh man, as soon as I turned 12 man, I thought I was a big shot and everything, just because I had the pre-teen classification, I thought I could take on the world. These years, not only the pre-teen years, are the years were I thought I was all tough and mighty for being 15 and a teen. I may not have known my limits, but those damn college dudes knew how to get it threw my little skull. I still had my toy from my kid years, and I still wanted to pursue a career in the FBI, but around these years, me thinking that I'm Mr. tough guy and everything thought that school wasn't a factor anymore, it just didn't count, well after me receiving a failure notice in freshman year of high school I decided to pick up my game, get my grades up and shit. Yes, I know that this doesn't look good on college for me now, but I thought that maybe if I work hard enough and get my grades up high enough I'll be able to pull it off and the universities might be able to look down onto that and say, well this guy was just messing around freshman year, he didn't know it was that serious. So I continued working hard and I pulled it off, I got nothing but A's and rarely any B's. Senior year I graduated with a pretty decent grade point average considering that I had to take a lot of AP classes to bring up that GPA.

Adult-hood (18-20 years):
Although I haven't really even gotten anywhere close to the end of my adulthood I'm still in progress with it, I went into a nice 4 year university. All I had to do now was decide what I wanted to major in. Knowing that I wanted to join the FBI I knew that I would have to take something with or about the law for it to look good on an application, so now I'm taking and majoring in Criminal Justice, I knew the university gave me an amazing chance in their school considering that I messed up completely in freshman year, so I worked my ass off, and surely enough it payed off. I knocked 2 years off and got my bachelors degree in 2 years. For most people I knew it would usually take them about 4 years. Having that feeling had given me the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction, mostly because I didn't even have to worry about school anymore, that is unless I wanted to come back and get my master's degree, but that won't happen for a while since I'm so eager to join the FBI, as a matter of fact I took in rolls in other departments around San Andreas to make the application look even better. Now here I am applying for the FBI. My voyage will still continue onward in an amazing path for success and I hope that you guys will wish me the best.

List all your past and current education:

High school diploma, Graduation - 07/13/2007 College - Majored in Criminal Justice, Graduation - 07/15/2011

Why are you interested in joining the Federal Bureau of Investigations?
Im interested in joining FBI because Ima fit and right type of guy for this job. It was my childhood dream and I've worked my way for it till here.

In one hundred words tell us why you are the right choice for the FBI:
I should be the right choice for FBI because I Follow the laws of San Andreas Knowing what to do and what not to do.
Secondly i think i have more experience in the field and a better knowledge in this type of work.
Thirdly I've achieved this much to make my dream a reality and Ill prove it with my Hard work.
I have a good command on English language.
I know each and every route of San Andreas. The criminal cant escape.

Do you hereby certify that you have read and fully understand the Terms of Employment and Disclosure of Information form?
Yes, Ive read and fully understood the terms of employment and disclosure of information form.

Do you confirm that all information has been filled out as accurately and completely as possible?

Yes, I do confirm that all information has been filled out as accurately and completely as possible.

Please provide a screenshot of your /stats : [url=imgur.com/yoOSPMy]imgur.com/yoOSPMy[/url]

(( OOC stuff )):
Tell the meaning and explain these RP Concepts:

RP - Role play - Playing as if you're in real life.
IC - In Character - The life of your player, stuff concerning the game and the stuff your character saw or heard.
OOC - Out of Character - The real life stuff or things, not concerning IC.
CR - Car ramming - When you start ramming someone with your car, trying to kill him. / Chicken running - Running around a player that's trying to shoot at you. ( Dodging bullets )
DM - Deathmatch - Killing someone with RP, but with no valid IC reason.
PG - Power Gaming - Doing stuff you can't in real life, or forcing RP.
RT - Rush taze - When you Non-rply taze someone quickly when he has a gun out or when he's aiming the gun towards you.

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This Guy is Good at RP.. I Recommend Him.
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