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Post by Chris_Zimmerman on Thu Feb 19, 2015 12:38 pm

Name IG:Chris Zimmerman
Playing Hours (Minimum of 50):0 But Im really experinced

What are your Roleplay Skills (1-10)? [Please answer seriously, because you will be tested later] 9.5/10
What are your English Skills (1-10)? 8.5/10

Can you bring players to the server? (If you might bring 5+ active players, you chances to become an admin will increase!)Well I'll try to do my best to get and see if any one of my friends playing

Why would you like to join the adminstration team? (Minimum of 100 words) To work for the server and protect it from hackers and create great jobs like houses every where and help people and refund them and I have great Experince In Adminstration and Mapping also I will be active all the ways but only in 3 days in the week (School Sorry for this) But I promise I'll show great jobs and great things to this server because I like to be admin to work for the server all the time and protect it from hackers Im sorry for the 0 playing hours because Im new on the server but I can work on any script on any GM I hope you accept me to become admin sorry for saying IRL problems or IG problems but I promise I'll work for the server all the time.

If you was chosen, what would you might do to help the players and our team? Tell us all of your experience as an admin IG (Minimum of 200 words):Well I might help players with refund them like 2 cars and 2m on hand and GVIP with this things and if some one needs a gate I can go make it for him if some one bugged I can solve it like Spawn in blueberry and crashing to solve it is to prison offline he/she will be spawned at the jail then releasing him I can make every thing in adminstartion on any script becasue Im 7 years admin took owner in much servers before like : San Andreas Real life[In Construction] my name was Rodrigo In Project Reality my name was Rodrigo In Superior Gaming Roleplay Chris Zimmerman in Los Santos States Roleplay and took the RCON in every of them because I was fully trusted admin for my job that I showed to them that's why Im applying and I know the apps is closed but trust me and try me.

Have you special ingenuity to map with MTA Map Editor / Script the server / etc.. (If yes, talk a bit about that!) yes I can make great mapping with MTA like editing a fuel station making interior or exterior edit the mall something like that

Do you agree with the requests and rules presented?Yes


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Chris Zimmerman Admin App Empty Re: Chris Zimmerman Admin App

Post by Kaiz on Sat Feb 21, 2015 1:08 pm

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Executive Admin
Executive Admin

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