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SAnews leader Applyment Empty SAnews leader Applyment

Post by Albert on Fri Apr 24, 2015 4:08 pm

Name* Shouko_Acosta

Address* Muholland Intersection

Phone Number* -2008

E-mail Address* tannaldy.albert03@gmail.com

Education* University of Los Santos

Origin* San Andreas

Photo of you*
SAnews leader Applyment 20150423_182345

Biography* ((Minimum of 150 Words))
Well Albert started off living in Los Santos, He grew up in a poor home and his parents really didn't care that much about him. He always loved being with his friends and Family, when his family was nice to him. So one day he was watching Television, and he saw how much fun a News Reporter was having while he was reporting a top headline of the 9/11 attack on the twin towers. He was like Dad I really want to become a New Reporter! So then his dad explained to him everything he needed to know about becoming one and how to do it, He told him once you turn 19 you can apply for a job at the SAN news station, they are usually hiring, So he was like dad I really want to do that. So then his dad told him he will need to get an education and go to college! So then he started looking up colleges on the internet and such, then he found San Andreas Community College, He was like oh gosh, I want to go to that college. So then he started researching the college and seeing what it takes to go to that college, and started looking up what resources he need to do and what kind of grades he needs to join or apply to the college. So after he did all of that he start telling all of his friends about the college and they wanted to go to, so they went home and start researching aswell about the college. So when he was reading about how to become a New reporter intern, he read that you need a lot of English language and writing courses to become one. So then he start filling out applications for the College to takes courses such as English and writing. So then Ryder went to college, and graduated around the age of 22, Then he got his degree and applied for the SAN news station to become a News Reporter. So he gets a part time job at cluckin bell until he hears back from his application, it took about three months, He bought himself a car and had a steady pay check aswell as an apartment. So then he just sat and waited for the reply on the application hoping to get the job

Why do you want to be a news reporter? ((Minimum of 50 Words)) Because , I wanted to use my reporter skill to this job , I wanted to tell all people in San Andreas , about the hottest news , Weather and sometimes I will give them quis as a fun , and I want to communicate to other people in San Andreas

Why should we accept you?* ((Minimum of 45 Words))
because i have an experience to become a News Reporter at my school , and I will make sure all citizens know about the newest news about our lovely country ‘San Andreas’ , and I will do my best for my job and my country


Age* 16

Gender* male

Location* Indonesia

History with other families/factions* i am a Community Advisor , I ever join Garuda Army ( R4 ) , The Black Hand triads (R5) and I have ever join FDSA ( r6)

Screenshot of /stats*

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