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Christian_Andrews's FBI Apllication

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Christian_Andrews's FBI Apllication

Post by Dragons on Sat May 09, 2015 1:44 pm

In Charather Information:
Date of birth:2002,02,19
Phone number:-143

Extended Data

Life story (Must be between 80-300 words):i was born november 28 , 2002 and my name is Christian Andrews and my age is 13 and my mother is Leah Cardosa and my father is Emerito Cardosa and my grand mother is Trixie Obera and my grand father is Aleho Cardosa. At the age of 6 i already studied Criminology course and the age of 13 i graduated as the most outstanding cadet in our university. today im applying to continue serving other people.
Employment history: (Format: MM/YYYY - MM/YYYY - Employer, position)
What makes you a good material for a Police officer in your opinion and why?
What do you want to reach as a Police officer? i am a good example and a good leader
Have you ever committed a crime? yes
Do you hold a legal Los Santos driving license?yes
Do you hold a legal Los Santos firearm license?yes

(( Out of character ))

Ingame Level:Level 14
Previous Ingame Names: (Include all you remember, not only your current alternative accounts!)
Rate your English skills using numbers from zero to ten: 8
How much time do you spend playing on Origin State Gaming Roleplay everyday?: 40
How long have you been playing on Origin State Gaming Roleplay?:40
How long have you been roleplaying?:40
Have you ever been warned or banned by an administrator?:no
If yes, list all your offences:

Tell the meaning and explain these RP Concepts:

RP -roleplay - this is the main reason of game to do roleplay things to others like /me and /do.its like your doing IRL .
IC -In Character (or IC) refers to the world of the characters, rather than the world of the players. That is, a character talking to another character is an IC interaction, set within the IC world.

OOC -Out of Character(or OOC) refers to IRL world,in OOC we can discuss anything but never mix it to IC and OOC because it would be MG(metagaming)

CR-there are two CR((chickenrun and Car ramming)) Chicken running is running zigzag to avoid bullets from shooter and car ramming is non rp ramming your car or putting the player under your car so he will die in seconds.

DM-deathmatching - it is killing without any RP reason.

PG -The concept of this term that you perform an action which your character is incapable of. Examples of this are god-like abilities. It is commonly referred to when a player powergames with the /me command. or abusing some commds like /frisk or /drag without asking rp.

RT -rushtaze - tazing a player without any reason OR tazing a player that aiming a gun to you,you cant taze in a gun fight

Do you agree playing more than 60% of your whole playtime with your Police character: Yes


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FBI Application

Post by Albert on Sun May 10, 2015 5:55 am


use the right format

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