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RE:Application For Becoming Board of Director((LEADER))

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RE:Application For Becoming Board of Director((LEADER)) Empty RE:Application For Becoming Board of Director((LEADER))

Post by Hishamkhatri on Thu May 21, 2015 4:07 pm

Name* Hisham Bilal Khatri

Address* 982,Stevan Vale Drive,Market -Mall

Phone Number* -2008

E-mail Address* khatrihisham5@gmail.com

Media Studies (B)
Business Studies (B)
History (D)
Matchs (C)
English (B)
SCience (D)
Economics (B)
Resistant Materials (A)

Origin* San Andreas

Photo of you*

Biography* ((Minimum of 150 Words))
I didn't do too well at school and because of that I found it very hard to find employment in London, the capital, and so when I came of the age, I packed up my stuff and moved to Los Santos, San Andreas.

In the past, I got myself into a bit of trouble because I had joined an organisation connected with the Burgershot Chain.

To begin with, it all seemed legit - I served drinks at the club, organised events and parties - but after a while, when I became a more established member of the group, I saw it had a darker side.

I got myself into trouble with the police a few times during that period for some crimes because of them, but I soon left the organisation and I joined toe FDSA to redeem myself from my crimes, but also to earn some steady money and meet new people - the right sort of people.

FDSA didn't work out too good for me, I found the work boring and I didn't find much of a reward. Consequently, I was easily convinced by one of the leaders of the organisation to go back to them, as I had become a respected member beforehand.

After I came back, it just wasn't the same.
My friends had left, and after it had become more established and independent, it didn't have the same feeling to it.
The Burgershot at Marina was neglected and it just felt wrong.

Shortly after, the organisation was disbanded and so I was left to wander the streets and find my own way in life.

I've been doing nothing these past few months, and I want to do something with my life, because I ruined it before, and I want to give back to San Andreas in the best way I can, and I believe that is here - being a news reporter.

Why do you want to be a news reporter? ((Minimum of 50 Words)) Because , I wanted to use my reporter skill to this job , I wanted to tell all people in San Andreas , about the hottest news , Weather and sometimes I will give them quis as a fun , and I want to communicate to other people in San Andreas

Why should we accept you?* ((Minimum of 45 Words))
Because of my past experience I've had in my past, I have extensive knowledge on how the crime network operates and I can provide a good source of information for the general public of San Andreas, for their entertainment and their safety.

Many news reports may feel threatened and shy away from making reports on gangs and crime because it comes with a very large risk - the potential of harm to yourself such as kidnap, injury or death.

Because I know what I'm doing, I am not afraid to report on gangs and their activity, something that may give me an edge.

I also feel that I have gathered the right qualifications and skills during my education and after that to be a good and successful reporter.

However, crime is not my only specialty. Because I have worked in the entertainment sector before, I can host fun and innovative game shows for the public to participate in, making SANews more popular.

I'm well spoken, well mannered and honest so I think I would find it quite easy to report the news and fit in.

During school, I took Business Studies, Economics and Media Studies so again, I have the right skills and experience to become an excellent news reporter and bring lot's of money to the organisation.
I have basic background knowledge on how the media sector works from this and my past experiences.

I feel that I will make interesting and different reports that are innovative, entertaining and informative to keep the San Andreas public wanting more and more.

I have contacts which means I can offer live interviews that many journalists would not be able to do, keeping the public entertained.

Age* 19

Gender* male

Location* India
History with other families/factions* I am a R5 in Hilltop((If my application gets selected,i will quit the family))

Screenshot of /stats*


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RE:Application For Becoming Board of Director((LEADER)) Empty RE:Application For Becoming Board of Director((LEADER))

Post by Hishamkhatri on Tue May 26, 2015 3:13 pm

I Have My Name Changed..



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