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FBI Applications

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DM-DM means. It means Deathmatching, killing near by players without any IC reason
MG-MG means Metagaming, Mixing OOC and IC
RK-Rk means Revenge Killing. It means that if you are killed IC'ly by someone and then you again goes to himand kill him to take revenge.
SK-SK is spawnkilling which means standing at the point a person spawns and killing him before he has a realistic chance to fight back
PK - Player Kill/You die loosing memory but not money/stats
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FBI Applications

Post by Percy_Jackson on Fri Jun 05, 2015 8:54 am

Full Name: Teyler_Evans
Age: 19
Years living in Los Santos (level): 11
Do you have any Job currently? (If yes tell it) No

Was you ever detained or arrested? (If yes, tell the reason) Yes because this cop is arresting me with no reason.

Hvae you expericence as an officer/agent? (If yes, describe it) Yes I was a police officer and FBI agent on another city and I did a good job served there for over 1 year.

Why would you to become a good agent? (Minimum of 100 words) I would like to become an agent again because my current life is currently bland and I miss the old times that I had in the department when I was previous employed. Instead of waking up, going to work, going home.. I would like to have some meaning to what I do. If I was employed as a police officer again I could protect the citizens of Los Santos whilst being proud of what I was doing. What motivates me to going into a career in law enforcement again was the excitement and the people. Being in law enforcement was always exciting, whether it be from pursuits or firefights at the local gas station it was always exiting and I was never tired. The people are also another large factor. Last time I was employed I met a lot of people that I enjoyed spending time with but once I left the department I've lost connection with most of them. I'd like to make new connections with people and get to know them. Like I stated before, I decided to join the police department again because of my bland life.To start off, I want to join the FBI because i want to be a good person and to make my friends and my family proud of me. I want to clean the city from all criminals and murderers. My dream is to be a hero and to insure that every civilian is safe and to protect all the students in their schools. I want to finish what my father started and i decided to join this department after his retirement, i can't forget the smile on his face when he come home every single day saying that he saved someones life or he arrested some criminals. I really want to have that smile on my face too, i want to follow my father's path and make him proud of me. and i want to make everyone in the department say that my father has succeeded on breeding his son.

Imagine that we got too many agents already! Then why you must be chose for us for joining Federal Bureau of Investigation?


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Re: FBI Applications

Post by Jamaldevil on Fri Jun 05, 2015 9:40 am

FBI Director



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