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Communtiy Advisor application

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Communtiy Advisor application

Post by Percy_Jackson on Fri Jun 05, 2015 10:57 am

IG Name:Teyler_Evans
playing hours:11 hours
why would you like to become a community advisor ?
i would like to become Community Advisor because i have to help any needs my help.
then i want this server the best rp server ever............i hope i will be accepted.

Why should we choose YOU and not any other applicant?
because like i said above i want this serevr the best rp ever.then im not rule breker.

Define the following RP concepts and explain or give a short example:

DM -Deathmatching players with no reason
MG -MetaGaming
PG -Power gaming
KoS -Kill on sight means you kill player in your sight.
PK -Player killing.
OOC -Out of character.
IC -IN Character.


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