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Post by rayen silva on Fri Sep 04, 2015 6:04 pm











Date Of Birth:


Telephone number:

Will update

Home Adress:

mhamdia tunisie (71)

How long have you been in lvv((LEVEL)):

4 month


Extended information about yourself, life

and residency within San Andreas.

Past Employment:


Past LEO Experience: (( Faction(s) - Rank ))




Why do you wish to join the Federal Bureau of Investigations:

Because I feel like the city needs more agents, the city is full of criminals, and I don't like it, I would love to join the team because It's professional, rewarding and exciting

Why do you think you suit the Federal Bureau of Investigations:

I may not be experienced, but i'm skilled, I can offer you my great shooting skills, as well as my driving skills.


Why should we accept you instead of any of the other applicants:

Because I feel like i'm more experienced than other applicants, give me a shot and i'll prove it.

What skills do you posses that is a plus if you're going to join the Federal Bureau of Investigation:

Shooting, driving and communication skills.

Are you currently employed by the Los Santos Police Department or any other Law Enforcement agency:

Not really

If yes, who is your employer(s) and how long have you been in the service:


If yes, how did you get out of that organization/gang?


Tell us a little about yourself
Hey, name is rayen alberto. I was born in Liberty City's general hospital. My dad was a business man and my mother was a nurse at the hospital. we were having a great life untill I reached the age of 10, when my dad lost all of his money.. house.. and almost everything in gambling. My dad couldn't really live like that so he just went to the casino and pulled his gun out, sadly he murdered the guy who won my dad's money. my dad is now in prison.. I started to live alone with my mother in a small cabin outside of Los Santos, Near Dillimore, it couldn't be worse since we had to eat fish everyday. One day I went out of the trailer, I walked all way to the city and called for a cab. I went to a place  to see what's really up in this city..

Now i'm joining the lspd

(MG: MetaGaming - Mixing IC with OOC.))
((PG : PowerGaming - Doing things not possible in real life.))
((RP : RolePlay - Acting as if in real life.))
((RS : Random Shooting - Shooting randomly here and there.))
((KOS : Killing On Sight - Killing someone in public places.))
((IC : In Charachter - Acting in charachter.))
((OOC : Out Of Charachter - Acting out of charachter.))
((DM:metagaming-killing player without reasen and impossible rp))
((CP:carparking=dont park your car in the top of a player kill thene))
((CR:car raming=do not repetatedly ram other people with your car))
((CR2:crack gaming.............................))
((DDB:shotong out the window as adrive is strictly again the rules))

RP - Role play - Playing as if you're in real life.

RT - Rush taze - When you Non-rply taze someone quickly when he has a gun out or when he's aiming the gun towards you.

CR - Chicken running is running zig-zag to avoid bullets.

rayen silva

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