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Barney_Phife Ban Appeal "Please Check My Ban Appeal Application"

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Barney_Phife Ban Appeal "Please Check My Ban Appeal Application"

Post by Barney™ on Wed Nov 11, 2015 3:46 pm

Ban Appeal Format.
Post by Guest Barney_Phife

Follow this or you'll be denied.

Your IG Name: Barney_Phife
Admin That Banned You: Hermz / Angelo_Sandy
Reason Banned: Fly Hack
Your IG Rank: --
Why should we unban you?(Minimum 100 Words): Because i dont have clean copy of GTA SANANDREAS SAMP in my computer so when implaying im always have sobeit but im not using it im just accidently click the > key or they saying fly hack then angelo or hermz saw then he banned me so iwant you to unbanned me please Sad
Optional Proof To Support Your Claims: None
iP Address:

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 :: Ban Appeal :: Pending

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