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Los Santos Royals Empty Los Santos Royals

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 22, 2015 7:27 am

IG Name: Tyrone_Dabs (Soon to be Tyrone_Royal)

Playing Hours: 23

Name of gang you want to create: Los Santos Royals (LSR)

Co-Leader: Davion_Letnson (Soon to be Davion_Royal)

Family Story (minimum 300 words):
It all started with Tyrone. He had always dreamed of having his own crew to always have his back. He finally setup some meetings and before he knew it, his dream was becoming true before his eyes. It was a group of four friends having fun, laughing, and making memories. The connection was something none of them would ever want to forget. They relied on each other and we always knew “If I need help, I can always ask these guys.” Jane was the only girl, so there was always some drama involved. The first member was my main man Davion. We finally realized we were becoming someone. We had our whole plan set. We were friends, then before we knew it, we were starting a gang. Funny how that works, huh?

All of us had always dreamed of getting our names out there and just becoming “someone”. We worked hard, and pushed through some difficult times. However, times aren’t that difficult when you have the people we had and knew as ‘family’. Nothing was ever too hard or difficult as long as we stuck together. Once we had our mind set on what we wanted, we needed a name, right? That’s where Los Santos Royals came to play. What’s next? We need our turf. Our HQ. Our place to just chill. This is when our Mexican friend we call Taco decided to step in and chose Colinas. Mexican man picks a Mexican hood. Haha.

We had our mind set on a name, turf, and a HQ building. We still needed a color. What fits with Royal? Purple. We decided to choose purple. So, we’re finally making our imagination reality. Anything is possible with these guys. Now, we have it all set. We’ve drawn a path for our lives, and we WILL follow those paths. But not alone. Together.

Family Vehicle/Cars ID:
- Huntley (579)

- Maverick (487)

- Bullet (541)

- Sultan (560)

- Sultan (560)

Color of the family cars (Color ID): 167

Family Ranks:

6- Royal King

5- Royal Chairman

4- Royal Disciple

3- Royal Gangstar

2- Royal RunnerUp

1- Royal Fallboy

0- Royal Fuckboy

Family Skins (Skins ID:)
- We

- Allow

- Any

- Skin

- Is

- That Ok?

Family Hood: Colinas


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Los Santos Royals Empty Re: Los Santos Royals

Post by Leo on Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:03 am

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