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FDSA Application

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FDSA Application

Post by michael_kohen on Mon Feb 23, 2015 5:49 pm

Full Name: Michael_Kohen
Years living in Los Santos (level): 3 Years old
Do you have any Job currently? (If yes tell it) nope
Bibliography about you as a medic/fireman (minimum of 100 words) :
My name is Michael kohen told the age of twenty years my family known kohen I want to tell you a story about my life I've been told the old fifteen years in one day came people with a weapon asked me where your father I told them my father at work at seven o'clock back to the house and said to me not tell him that there are people asked about you we are friends and we want to we surprise him and I did not say to my father, because I love to rejoice my father so I did not say it to your friends discussed about you I did not know that These ones are the biggest gang in town He came in the middle of the night and became screaming and calling name of my father went out my father to understand why screaming mid Night shot him and shot and killed him when the police came and made them and they said that my father was taking them money and tell them i will return you soon .. and then my mother and I live in a small hut and I'm a single mom !​
If you was chosed by us would you like be a medic, paramedic or fireman? i want to chose the tow
Why would you be a good member?
I want to join because I like to help people and I love to be a good helper in life and all the people calling title helper In order ministered people before they die because life is lived once and I do not want people in the town loses his parents because I've tried to live without a father and the result of life without a parent is very difficult ..!​ and i was work this job in 2 servers and i was leader


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Re: FDSA Application

Post by Guest on Mon Feb 23, 2015 8:01 pm



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