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Mark Hanger's FBI App.

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Mark Hanger's FBI App.

Post by Mark Hanger on Mon Feb 23, 2015 6:39 pm

FBI Application Format

In Charather Information:

Full Name:Mark Hanger
Years living in Los Santos (level):3
Do you have any Job currently? : No

Was you ever detained or arrested? : No

Hvae you expericence as an officer/agent? Yes as i was a Lieutenant in LCPD, A detective for the PD once and worked as a private for the NG.

Why would you to become a good agent?
Because I am seeking a career within a Law Enforcement Agency because, as I was previously a Law Enforcement Officer, I miss the feeling of being out on patrol insuring the citizens I will do everything within my power to serve and protect them. I would like to pick my Law Enforcement career up with the FBI because, I think the FBI is the most professional Department in San Andreas and suits my skills and abilities. I want to try clean up the crime and do it with the professional colleagues who I know got my back and I have got there's. I want to try provide the citizens with a safe and secure environment. I have recently notice the crime has rose in the Red County area, and the FBI need some more professional, trustworthy and respectful Deputies. I believe I can bring a lot to the FBI and also learn a lot from it. I will dedicate all my time and effort towards my career and helping the FBI grow. I hope to see crime disappear, it may not happen while i'm alive but I hope to be apart of the long journey in the attempts of stopping it. There are 3 main reasons I wish to enlist into the police department.
The first of which is the change of pace. I have been working in security or small time service for my whole life. I have been cursed with reoccurring opportunities and a life of waking up everyday with no uncertainty. No chance. No spice. Hopefully a career in the FBI can provide the change of pace needed to make my life worth something.
The second is a change of location, all my life I've lived in a metropolis all my life. Always 30 seconds away from a TV set. A burger shot on every corner. Some may say its a gift. The adrenaline of being in the centre. Part of a great city with landmarks out your bedroom window. It wears off after a while. The smell of pollution in. Liberty City, followed by the smell of hypocrisy when I moved to Los Santos. The FBI and moving to the countryside will provide the fresh landscape that I would improve my lifestyle.
The third is a new reason to wake up in the morning. A dynamic new situation which present chance and endless new possibilities. The feeling of helping someone at the end of a good days work and a career I'm proud enough to tell my children.

Imagine that we got too many agents already! Then why you must be chose for us for joining Federal Bureau of Investigation?

Because I feel I have the determination and enthusiasm that will put me ahead the rest. I've been in the security industry my entire life and I have the mental and physical capacity to be a worthy officer the law.
I am experienced in communication and spent a gap year travelling foreign worlds in search of new experiences. This also helps my drive to becoming a great officer.
While eager to learn about the real meaning of the FBI I contacted an officer myself. the HC was kind enough to answer some question about the department, which I feel has given me an expert idea on what the duties of the Sherrifs department are and prepare me for such. I am more than willing to join the department and undertake whatever is needed of me. Trainings,etc. I can't wait to get started in this new and exciting opportunity.

Tell the meaning and explain these RP Concepts:

RP - Roleplay : Doing what you would do IRL
IC - In Character
OOC - Out of Character like IRL things
CR - Car Ramming : Ramming someone with your car Non RPly OR Chicken Running : Running left and right to avoid being shot.
DM -Deathmatch : Killing someone for non RP reason
PG -Power Gaming : Doing something can't be done IRL
RT - Rush Tazing : Tazing someone non RPly or someone who got a gun pointed at someone else.

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Mark Hanger

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Re: Mark Hanger's FBI App.

Post by Guest on Mon Feb 23, 2015 8:07 pm



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