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Moderator Application

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Moderator Application

Post by CarsoonEmpire on Thu Feb 26, 2015 3:44 am

IG Name:Carson_Empire
Playing Hours (Minimum of 30):4 (KaiZ said I could apply though)

Have you any current help rank? (If yes, specific) No.

How many time you dedicate for Professional RP (for week or per day) ? All the time, I'm on a lot.

Why you want to become a server moderator (Minimum of 50 words) ? I just want to help out around the forums and the server.. I want to let players have  a good time, as I'm trying to get apart of the staff so I CAN help... This server looks really good and I like it, so in order for people to RP and have a good time, you choose me, and I'll be a benefit. Smile

What would you can do for the community as a moderator (Minimum of 50 words) ? I can keep DMers out of the game/server and make sure no rule breakers get into the server. I want to leave a good reputation for the server and I'll promote it all of the time. I'm going to make sure that the players that get int the server don't break the rules and have a good time. And I would get players to join this server and make it a bigger player base.

Why out of all the applicants should we pick you ? (Minimum of 50 words) I'm a good choice, you may not believe it, and you may be thinking whether or not you should pick me. But if you give me a chance I'll really change the server. I want to get along with other SM's and just have a good time. I'm really experienced, I already made my own family, and I'm trying to do things around the server.

Write the meaning of the following RP concepts and explain them or give an example:

IC - In Character - Not using /b and talking whilst using /do's and /me's.. And etc.
OOC - Out Of Character - Using /b's or using brackets such as, "Dude get on Ts or Skype))"
MG - Metagaming - Mixing OOC information ICly.
KoS - Kill on Sight - Killing with no reason, and killing the first person you see.
CR - Car Ram - Using your car as a weapon or hitting people with it.
BH - Bunny Hopping - Running while jumping to move quicker.
CS - Crack Shooting - Abusing an animation/the button C to shoot quicker.
RP - Roleplay - Staying IC and acting out in game as if it was real life.
DM - Deathmatch - Killing without a VALID roleplay reason.
PK - Player Kill - Same as CK, getting rid of a character, but you won't be able to use him again, and you need OOC permission to PK a person.
PG - PowerGaming - Forcing RP, Avoiding RP, and Being unrealistic in RP.
CK - Character Kill - Permanently getting rid of a character, you'll need OOC permission to CK someone or Admin permission to CK yourself.

Put here the screen shot your (/stats): I cannot take SS's, have an Admin take a background check on me please. Give me a chance. Sad


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Re: Moderator Application

Post by Guest on Thu Feb 26, 2015 11:48 pm

(Denied) Bring your playing hours up.


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