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Gang Application [Los Aztecas Matones]

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Gang Application [Los Aztecas Matones] Empty Gang Application [Los Aztecas Matones]

Post by Valkyrie on Mon Mar 30, 2015 4:07 pm

IG Name: Evo_Savage

Playing Hours: 2

Name of gang you want to create: Los Aztecas Matones

Co-Leader: Ricardo_Savage

Family Story (minimum 300 words): I am Evo Savage i am 22 years of age, i once lived in the streets of Iddlewood in the City of Los Santos now i am living at the downtown of Los Santos. I have a friend named Ricardo Savage we became friends because of the gun fight incident infront of All Saints General Hospital. I was terribly nervous by the time that the gun fight was going on, Ricardo help me out from that situation. The time pass by and we became not just friends but more like brothers, we often hang at my house. He told me his history, about the gang he joined and he have been kicked out of it because he needed my help because he is hunted down by his past co-members from that gang. I told him that we should create a family to have more backups when the time comes he'll be hunted and he agreed with that idea. We made a family and that family grew into a strong one. Were always driving by the streets of Los Santos, we helped each other at a time each member of our family encounters a problem, we shared happy moments and we shared those down times of each and everyone. We where so happy having this kind of relationship with each others and so the time came that Ricardo was hunted down, we helped him to escape the hunting of him. He survived but we killed nine guys from that gang, but still we hadn't survived. Every each of us had became the enemy of that gang, everyone was hunted. So we decided to hide. We hid in the city of Las Venturas that no one can know us. After a few years the family decided to get a revenge, me and Ricardo decided to create a gang and make our backups larger than before, everybody agreed to that decision so we came back to Los Santos creating a gang.

Family Vehicle/Cars ID:
- Burrito ID: 483 (x1)

- FCR-900 ID:521 (x2)

- Sultan ID:560 (x3)

- Pony ID: 413 (x1)


Color of the family cars (Color ID): Light Blue ID: 184

Family Ranks:

6- King of All OG's

5- Righteous OG'

4- Real OG'

3- Killer of Blu's

2- Man on Blu

1- Big Blu's

0- Lil' Blu

Family Skins (Skins ID:)
- ID: 114

- ID: 115

- ID: 116

- ID: 173

- ID: 174

- ID: 175

Family Hood: Near Los Santos Airport


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Gang Application [Los Aztecas Matones] Empty Re: Gang Application [Los Aztecas Matones]

Post by Kaiz on Mon Mar 30, 2015 4:12 pm


Gang Application [Los Aztecas Matones] Img54849
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