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Zane Bishop's Application of Interest

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Zane Bishop's Application of Interest

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 31, 2015 2:56 pm

IG Name: Zane_Bishop
Playing Hours (Minimum of 30): 8(BUT can I still apply ?)

Have you any current help rank? (If yes, specific)Yes, I'm a helper.

How many time you dedicate for Professional RP (for week or per day) ? for week

Why you want to become a server moderator (Minimum of 50 words) ? To help the server to be the TOP ONE SERVER RP. I want to be a server moderator, Because I want to help the players and guide them and  who don't know much about the server . And do something about with the rule breakers.

What would you can do for the commnunity as a moderator (Minimum of 50 words) ? Help and guide the newbies or the others who don't know much about the server. I will Fulfilled my duty and I will do my very best to serve and keep the server well-organized.

Why out of all the applicants should we pick you ? (Minimum of 50 words)I'm 101% sure that I deserved to be a Server Moderator, Because I'm a reliable person and a good samaritan to our players. If I will become a Server Moderator I'll will keep my promise and I fulfilled my jobs/duty. And I'm Sure you'll pick me for the best of the player's and the server.  

Write the meaning of the following RP concepts and explain them or give an example:

IC -IC simply stands for In Character. IC is an information inside RP that does not include any OOC.
OOC -OOC simply stands for Out Of Character . Anything related to out of character meaning . Example: In Real Life Information. etc.
MG -Well, MG Stands for Metagaming, And metagaming means, Mixing IC over OOC, For example, if you meet a person, and you just look at the name at the top of his head, and you call him by that, Thats considered Metagaming
KoS -Either killing everybody you see (associates with DeathMatching) or killing a certain person you hate as many times as you want. Also killing someone without any roleplay. This is forbidden and not tolerated.
CR -There are two types of CR. 1.Car Ramming - Attempt to physically harm a player or his vehicle with a vehicle. Forbidden, because its Non- Role play
                                         2.Chicken Running - Running in zigzags to avoid being shot at. It's running like a retard from side to side.
BH -Bunny Hop- Holding "sprint" button and jumping at the same time to travel faster. Associates with non-RPing, no one jumps In Real Life to travel faster, lol.  
CS -Crack Shooting - exploiting an animation to shoot faster with a deagle/shotgun. It is, pressing "c" crouch so you can shoot faster.
RP -RolePlay -Taking a role, and playing it. The word "Roleplay" is defined as "Acting as In Real Life".
DM -Deathmatching - In Roleplay Concept, is killing a player for no reason. Just shooting them because he likes to shoot and kill, and it's forbidden. If you like deathmatching, go to a deathmatch server. Evil or Very Mad
PK -Playerkill- It's not the same as a normal kill is. You will lose your memory, and status in faction, and sometimes, depending on a type, you lose cars, money and such. In order to PK someone, you must show great     RP on the kill. That's what I know in PK.  
PG -Powergame - forcing another player into a RP situation and not giving him/her a chance to resist.
CK -Character kill - it means that your character is officially dead, and he no longer belongs to the real world . It doesn't mean, you would loose your levels, and your account will get banned. CK requires YOUR permission FIRST If someone says you got CK-ed, and they didn't asked you, don't believe them, they're trying to trick you into loosing your character, So its upto you if you wanna be CK-ed or not, But if you get into a good role-play situation, then you might need to accept CK. That's what I know in CK    

Put here the screen shot your (/stats):https://imgur.com/Hx8bNJ5

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Re: Zane Bishop's Application of Interest

Post by Kaiz on Fri Apr 03, 2015 1:10 pm


We will pramote staff members..
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