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Raphael Nunes's FBI Leader Application.

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Raphael Nunes's FBI Leader Application.

Post by Raphael Nunes on Tue Mar 31, 2015 3:28 pm

FBI Application

In Characther Information:

- Full Name: Raphael Nunes
- Age: 16.
- Level: 22
- Do you have any Job currently?: No.

Was you ever detained or arrested?: Never.

Have you expericence as an officer/agent?: Yes, I used to help my older brother when he lived with me and my parents.

Why would you to become a good agent? (Minimum of 100 words): I would be a good agent because I have some experience and I know the rules it works, I can do justice and help those in need and arrest those who do wrong things. I know work in a team and not work alone. I know to do good RP. I know help new people, respect and help them with whatever they need. I will be a good FBI in all the side (SF, LS). If I am not Leader of the FBI will help everyone in it and show a good side to all (Police is good).

Imagine that we got too many agents already! Then why you must be chose for us for joining FBI?
- I am a fair person, and I'm a good Leader, respect and all the FBI feel good.

Tell the meaning and explain these RP Concepts:
- RP (RolePlaying): Roleplaying is to imitate people in real life.
- IC (In Character): Do everything in RP and not OOC.
- OOC (Out of character): It is when for example: You ask help without being in the game.
- CR (Chicken running): When someone is running away to "Zig Zags".
- DM (DeathMatching): When you kill a person for no reason.
- PG (PowerGaming): Do something that a person in real life is not able to do.
- RT (Rush tazing): Tazing someone when the enemy is shooting at him.

Raphael Nunes

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Re: Raphael Nunes's FBI Leader Application.

Post by Kaiz on Sat Apr 04, 2015 4:19 pm

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Re: Raphael Nunes's FBI Leader Application.

Post by Ricky_Sforza on Sat Nov 28, 2015 11:28 pm

You can apply for the position as a regular agent.



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Re: Raphael Nunes's FBI Leader Application.

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