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Admin Application [Requests & Format] - CLOSED!! All app's will be auto-denied

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Admin Application [Requests & Format] - CLOSED!! All app's will be auto-denied Empty Admin Application [Requests & Format] - CLOSED!! All app's will be auto-denied

Post by Leo on Mon Feb 16, 2015 5:29 pm

International Gaming Roleplay Admin Application [Requests & Format]


Being a Server Moderator
- If you are not a Server Moderator, your chances to get an admin rank are reduced..

Being an Active Player
- We need to have active admins, in different times for the players can always get help from them. So, you must dedicate to Kenway Gaming Roleplay about half of your life.

Speak English Well
- If you really want to become an admin, you should communicate well with the people, that's why you need to speak well this language. A perfect admin should talk fluent English but at least make sure that your English is enough to communicate and understand the people.

Roleplay Well and know the RP Concepts
- This is a very important request, if you pretend to kick/jail the DMers, Non RPers, PGers etc, you have to know all of the RP concepts and RP reasonably.

Have experience as an Admin and have the desire to help the Community
- Also, it's important for us have a experient staff. But remember, you should use your experience to help/work for the players, sometimes with hard works like re-make a place.. If you have not enough experience or feeling to learn how to act well, you have no chances to become an adminstrator.

Acting as a Fair Admin and not abuse of Admin Powers
- This is a important request, you shouldn't act as a Unfair Admin, Example: give privileges to your friends in the game, ignore who you hate, fine a person 500K for car and 300K to another one.. jail or kick people without having proofs (you must /spec first and watch all the situation) etc..
- Never abuse the admin powers! Your admin commands must be used to help the players, when you are On Admin Duty. If you are RPing On-Duty, giving guns to your-self, spawning cars, fix your car when it's demaged etc are considered "Abusing the admin powers"

Having a good relation with the players and the Staff Members
- Please, avoid to hate people because that doesnt make sence, We are a team! If you have a good reason to hate someone, just report him to the owners, explaining the situation and present a proof if it is possible.


Name IG:
Playing Hours (Minimum of 50):

What are your Roleplay Skills (1-10)? [Please answer seriously, because you will be tested later]
What are your English Skills (1-10)?

Can you bring players to the server? (If you might bring 5+ active players, you chances to become an admin will increase!)

Why would you like to join the adminstration team? (Minimum of 100 words)

If you was chosen, what would you might do to help the players and our team? Tell us all of your experience as an admin IG (Minimum of 200 words):

Have you special ingenuity to map with MTA Map Editor / Script the server / etc.. (If yes, talk a bit about that!)

Do you agree with the requests and rules presented?
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