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FBI Applaction

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FBI Applaction

Post by zago on Fri Apr 03, 2015 2:25 am

FBI Application Format

In Charather Information:

Full Name:Zago_Zoe
Years living in Los Santos (level):9
Do you have any Job currently? (If yes tell it)

Was you ever detained or arrested? (If yes, tell the reason)

Hvae you expericence as an officer/agent? (If yes, describe it)

Why would you to become a good agent? (Minimum of 100 words)
I would become a good agent if i helped all the agents in the FBI and helping the citizens and put criminals behind bars that's my job and as a FBI agent i have to respect the law as a FBI agent i mus't abuse my power as FBI agent that's how i can become a good agent well as FBI agent i prefer the long range fights so i will become i good sniper in The FBI so i can give back up for my team and for the hostages well i will work every day at anytime when they need me i will be there and i will respect the leader of the FBI and a lot of things and i need to give some respect for the guys who i put them behind the bars they have some rights on me too so i mus't abuse my power on them too and i can't abuse any citizens who walks in the streets and when i was a little kid i thought a lot of being an FBI agent from the cartoons and movies and these stuff and my father was a cop too so i decided to join the FBI and i liked so much the part of investigate the criminals to let them speak out of the gang secrets and all of these stuff i love these words which makes me proud of it wherever i go at anytime i will be proud of it.  

Imagine that we got too many agents already! Then why you must be chose for us for joining Federal Bureau of Investigation?
To be honest good agents always die and i hate to see my friends die so we always need to let the professional people join in the FBI and i can save a lot of lives from long range and i am good in investigation the criminals too with working with the other agents the teamwork is the basic of being good FBI agent and that's the good thing in me

Tell the meaning and explain these RP Concepts:

RP - Roleplay : Doing what you would do IRL
IC - In Character
OOC - Out of Character like IRL things
CR - Car Ramming : Ramming someone with your car Non RPly OR Chicken Running : Running left and right to avoid being shot.
DM -Deathmatch : Killing someone for non RP reason
PG -Power Gaming : Doing something can't be done IRL
RT - Rush Tazing : Tazing someone non RPly or someone who got a gun pointed at someone else.

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Re: FBI Applaction

Post by Kaiz on Sat Apr 04, 2015 4:18 pm


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