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Albert Antares Helper Application

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Albert Antares Helper Application

Post by Albert on Fri Apr 03, 2015 10:41 am

IG Name:Albert Antares

Playing hours (minimum of 5 hours):15 Hours.

What can you do for Dimension RP as a helper? (Minimum of 100 words):
Well, if i become helper, of course i'll help new players around /newb, and answer their questions about RP, because that i got experience about RolePlay Server, and i'll teach a new player from now that i do, i'll dimension it to them about Role Play, because this's Roleplay server, the RolePlay mean that all what we do is under the rules like in real life, we are not allowed to killing people without roleplay, or do something that impossible in real life, then we are not allowed to mixing In Characterly issues with Out of Characterly issues, it's might be metagame,what did i do to dimension the Role Play is always doing Role play using [/me] and [/do] such as repairing vehicles, make a drinks, speaking, or it could be kidnapping, robbery, rapes, all what we can do in real life.

Define the following RP concepts and explain or give a short example:

DM - or Deathmatch is Attacking a player in any way without a proper roleplay in character reason.
MG - or MetaGame is Using out of character information in character, or sharing in character information out of character with the intention of it being used to metagame.
PG - or PowerGame, This is a wide concept term and it's literal definition is varied. The concept of this term that you perform an action which your character is incapable of. Examples of this are god-like abilities. It is commonly referred to when a player powergames with the /me command. Use of the command to perform an action your character would otherwise be incapable of is considered powergaming. For example; /me takes all your money or /me takes all your guns, are examples of powergaming.
KoS - or Killing on Sight is Attacking a player in any way without any or little roleplay involved. Even if you have a roleplay reason to attack the player, if you do not roleplay you can be punished for this.
PK - or Player Killing is killing people that don't have proper any reason or roleplay, and it's pretty sure not allowed in real life.
OOC - or Out Of Character is the information about your issues in real life, and you are not allowed to mix it with your character in game.
IC - or In Character is the information about your character in game, not about your issues in real life, so dont mix it.

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Re: Albert Antares Helper Application

Post by Kaiz on Fri Apr 03, 2015 12:59 pm

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