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Post by PrinceO on Fri Apr 03, 2015 3:46 pm

In Character Information

First and Last Name:
Date of Birth:
28 February 1993
Place of Birth:
General hospital.
How long have you been a citizen of SA:
Seven years.
Are you currently wanted by police or have an active law suit on you:
Choose the job you are applying for:

Life Bio:

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Tommy Nottinghamm was born at General Hospital in a rich family my father was Raffi Nottinghamm, my mother was Nikki Angelina they take care of me, and there by I have had a nice childhood environment, in my childhood I have one brothers, I was the older than my brother, my father used to work at the Mechanic as one the most known by one of the famous mechanic in Los Santos, he had a car shop equipment, my mother had a cafe too, the name is Las colinas cafe. When I was 7 years old my father and my mother told me to became a student, the school name is Sindangraja, after school I'd like to stop by my dad's store, I love my school. When I was 16 years my father and my mother REGISTERED me to the school again, I choose mechanical division in my school, my teacher tell me how to repair a car and how to change a tires, after school I told my father what had been taught in school, I show my skill in repairing a car to my father and my father proud of me!, every holiday my father took me to his shop, My father tells also how to fix a car clearly, When I was 19 years I became a student in university, the name is UPI, now I live at Bayside with my uncle and my aunt cause my father and my mother is busy with his/her job, I lived with my uncle and my aunt like 5 years, During the time of my studies, now my father give his shop to me and I got alot of my friends work with me.
Tell us something about your experience in the job you are applying for:
I was a Commercial Transport Mechanic as comercial vehicle inspector, I work at there like 3 years full, I enjoyed there. The mecnahinc proffesion is good, I got some new friends there, I have great knowlege about fixing a car and car parts, I also like to SHARE the knowledge, So I love this job..
Do you have your own vehicle:

Out of Character Information

Do you have TeamSpeak 3 Installed and ready for use? Microphone is optional:
Do you have any Forum Complaints on you for the last month:
Have you checked our Handbook:
Do you have any alt accounts?:


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URL Application Empty Re: URL Application

Post by Kaiz on Sat Apr 04, 2015 4:07 pm

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