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Marcus Helper Application

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Marcus Helper Application

Post by MarcusBlackwell on Fri Apr 03, 2015 7:38 pm

IG Name
Marcus Blackwell
Indonesian GMT +8
When did you approximately join the community?
1 weeks ago
Why would you like to become a Community Helper?
I would like to become a helper in this community to put my way through being an Advisor and lately an admin, I want to start working my way up to such a decent position from this place, as a community helper. I have experienced being a staff member in previous servers and I would really love to start experiencing INT:RP Team by being a dedicated helper to the wide community and to INT:RP as a server. So being helper will be a good addition to the help center old player a lot of experience and the reason you should accept me for that I am an old player who has a lot of experience with Roleplay issues that could be handled, so I think I would suit in the position specifically and as a staff member generally, also I wanna join the helpers team cause I love helping people, I wanna make use of my experience so I can help new comers and people who want to develop themselves quickly and professionally, also I wanna make INT:RP server becomes more professional, and make it in a higher position cause it's a one nice RP server, so I wanna increase the helpers army there by adding a powerful experienced player to them
Why should we choose YOU and not any other applicant?
I believe in myself that I can help people easily and I'm patient with them, I won't only mention or say the needed information and run to another request just to collect the most number, I provide the player/requester with the full information and help needed for him, I've played a lot here and I know too much commands and enough How to's to help people with, I've helped so many players and my help worked so I'll be very useful, I treat people respectfully, I won't cheat or play dirty to get a higher rank, I'll be obeying the chain command and higher ranks, and because I love helping new people or people who lost their way, I believe I have a gift in this category, I use simple yet effective way to help, also my ability to concentrate in the request and understanding what the player or the requester wants, what is his intention, and I'm not high tempered so I won't go crazy or just end the request without helping the player and making him satisfied, I must make sure that the player got the point that he's missing and that he's happy with his new information and understanding that he gained, and I'm rapidly active so I'll help a lot, I can manage myself well in this position as I believe
Do you have a microphone?
Do you have TeamSpeak?
Picture of your stats
Do you agree that if you do not stay active, you will be removed without notice?
Have you read the Community Helper Handbook?
Do you understand that being a Community Helper requires a lot of your time?

1. Metagaming (MG) - Using OOC information IC. This is rulebreaking, which is not tolerated and forbidden. Basicly, you find out In Character information by Out Of Character actions.

2. Powergaming (PG) - Either forcing another player into a RP situation, which ends in the other player's disadvantage, or doing unrealistic things, which you couldn't make IRL, such as roleplaying taking out a minigun from your back pocket, you can't do that in real life, or can you?

3. DeathMatch (DM) - In Roleplay Concept, is killing a player for no reason. Just shooting them because he likes to shoot and kill, and it's forbidden. If you like deathmatching, go to a deathmatch server.

4. Revenge Kill (RK) - Attempt to physically harm a player who killed you before for the same reason - killing you. Some people think that Revenge Kill is only when you actually kill the person, but it is also a physical harm. This is simple - you are going to kill your killer, for revenge. You can't do that, because of a simple rule - when you "die" (critically injured, unless it's a Player Kill), you lose 30 minutes of memory. So you can't remember who killed you.

5.Kill on Sight (KOS) - Either killing everybody you see (associates with DeathMatching, rule number 3. -> see above), or killing a certain person you hate as many times as you want. Also killing someone without any roleplay. This is forbidden and not tolerated.

6. Logging to avoid - Exiting the game with either "/q", or pressing esc, choosing "Exit Game" and then "Yes". There are 3 types of logging to avoid: Death, Arrest, and RP Situation. In Real Life you can't just disappear.

7.Chicken Running - Running in zigzags to avoid being shot at. It's running like a retard from side to side. If you don't want to get jailed for Chicken Running, run straight forward or hide behind objects.

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Re: Marcus Helper Application

Post by Kaiz on Sat Apr 04, 2015 3:59 pm

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