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San Andreas Application

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San Andreas Application Empty San Andreas Application

Post by JohnMark on Sat Apr 04, 2015 4:32 am

Full Legal Name (Forename Surname): John Mark

Home Address: Market- Los Santos

Work Address (if applicable): N/A

Contact Number: None ( i will buy one)

E-mail Address: -

To which position are you seeking to be appointed?

I want to be a Defence Lawyer

Are you qualified for the position you seek? If so, what qualification(s) do you retain?

Yes I was a former Prosecutor in the Judicial branch under the Honorable Dean Mark and I'd like to join again especially after the opening of Redsand university in our beloved country.

Why do you think your employment would be an asset to the judiciary?

Like I said I am a previous prosecutor and I have a lot of experience in the court and I've also been a prob officer in SFPD so I have a good knowledge in law.
I am loyal and a hard working person so I am always professional in what I do.
I have lot of experiences of law. I am a great listener as well as a great observant, so I will learn quickly.

Please provide a writing sample below (this sample will be assessed for training purposes only, for your benefit; it will not be considered towards our employment decision. Please do not copy content from elsewhere, since it will skew the result of the assessment)

John Mark is my name, I was born in Los Santos, my Father and Mother died in an accident when I was five years old.
I got raised by the gangsters and the drug dealer I became most likely like them doing everything not allowed, I went to jail in the age of sixteen and spent one year there, till the age of seventeen.
When I was seventeen I started to give more concerns to life, the officers in the department of correction taught me how to be a good man; I started to look around me at the cops who I used to run from them, I started to change.
I started to help cops instead of running from them I got my education done and studied Forensic science, I was the first on my class and I started to love my studies more and more, I got my PHD in Forensic science.
I started to word as a deductive in the age of twenty, helping cops. But lately I started to feel bored I want to defend my country, not working behind a disk doing all the paper works.

(( Out Of Character ))

Age: 17

Country of Residence: Indonesian

GMT Timezone GMT +8

Previous Identities (if any): N/A

Screenshot of /stats : [img]https://imgur.com/Mn8VzyD,uRoXQoT#0 [/INV]
[img]https://imgur.com/Mn8VzyD,uRoXQoT#1 [/STATS]

If you have ever received punishments, please list them here: N/A

Do you have access to Teamspeak? Yes


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San Andreas Application Empty Re: San Andreas Application

Post by Kaiz on Sat Apr 04, 2015 4:10 pm

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