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FBI Application

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FBI Application

Post by JohnMark on Sat Apr 04, 2015 4:56 am

Answer Here:John

Answer Here:Mark

Answer Here.26

Answer Here.Male

Answer Here:Indonesian

Date Of Birth:
Answer Here.September 19, 1985

Telephone number:
Answer Here: None (( I will buy one ))

Home Adress:
Answer Here: 71 Verona Beach road, San Andreas City.

How long have you been in Los Santos: (( Level ))
Answer Here:3 Years

Extended information about yourself, life
and residency within San Andreas.

Past Employment:
Answer Here:Craftsman at San Fierro and Mechanic at Los Santos.

Past LEO Experience: (( Faction(s) - Rank ))
Answer Here:

Answer Here.Los Santos Public High School , San Fierro Community College and John Jay University.

Why do you wish to join the Federal Bureau of Investigations:
Answer Here.I have seen the Crime and Illegal Activity raising around San Andreas so i decided to apply here.

Why do you think you suit the Federal Bureau of Investigations:
Answer Here.Because i have experiences at FBI, also handeling too much cases and i can solve without assistance.

Why should we accept you instead of any of the other applicants:
Answer Here.I fell i should be chosen due to my previous training/previous faction and my nature to protect and serve. Also i am a Very disciplined person

What skills do you posses that is a plus if you're going to join the Federal Bureau of Investigation:
Answer Here.Im expert to handeling all sorts of weapons and i have high skills in Undercover Situations.

Are you currently employed by the Los Santos Police Department or any other Law Enforcement agency:
Answer Here.No

If yes, who is your employer(s) and how long have you been in the service:
Answer Here.

Have you ever been affiliated with any illegal organizations/gangs in San Andreas?
Answer Here.No

If yes, how did you get out of that organization/gang?
Answer Here.

Tell us a little about yourself: (( BIO || Minimum 500 words ))
Answer Here.

John Mark was an usual kid. I would like to say that his childhood was quite good. Mother could support him with everything, because she was a director of 'Sa News', they earned pretty much back then. He had a lot of good, loyal friends. But as usually, there must be one big 'but'. He grew up without his father. His father left him and his mother when Albert was just two years old. He and Albert's smallest brother moved to New York and never contacted Albert or his mother again. John's mother never told him about his brother, in other words, he didn't even know that he got a brother. As I said before, he was very smart and loyal kid. Everyone loved him, till something bad happened..


Like most of teenagers, John was crazy and full of great ideas. His mother always reminded him to calm down, because some of those ideas were unrealistic or too much risky.
When John turned 16, he met the wrong people. They acted like his friends, they said that they will help him to fulfill all of his ideas and dreams. Since John was just a teenager, he accepted them and started to think how to make the greatest business in Los Santos city. Step by step and they found their enemies, his mind was so perverted that they made a big plan, which consisted of killing their opponents. One day, when their 'business enemies' drove back to their houses from some meeting, John and his friends meet them at their main house. John was ready to nearly everything, but he wasn't strong enough to take his 'Deagle' and kill that man. His 'friends' started to yell at him, they offered him two chances, else he kills that man, else they will leave forever. Albert was aiming at his enemy for 1 minute. After that, one of his 'friends' , who had some mental problems, grabbed his 9MM pistol and shot the man into his head. The man fell down, blood was everywhere. John 'friends' ran away, but John didn't move, he was looking at the dead man and didn't say a single word, just a few years came out from his eyes. After a few minutes cops came and arrested him. After one week of investigation, they came to conclusion - John didn't kill that man. So they let him out. He was just 16, but people called him for a 'killer'. All his real friends left him, he was alone, just with his mother who still loved him.

Mature years. (18-26)

Two years had passed since the incident. John had to join some highschool, but he wasn't sure about his choice. John was really confused, because he didn't know which profession would suit him best, somehow he had a feeling that he wants to become a Soldier, but he knew that his mother wouldn't allow it, so he never talked about it before. His mother wanted him to work as a Sa News director when she retires. But John wanted something else, his dream was to study in Police Academy and after that work in the National Guard. Albert explained it to his mother, but she didn't want to allow it, because it's a really dangerous job. But he didn't listen to her, all he wanted was to work as a solider and defend the city from crime. The day when 'National Guard Academy' recruited new students came. He was very nervous, because the tests were really hard. Since John was a smart person, he passed the tests and got accepted. John did everything he could to be the best student. Years went, and at his 23th birthday he finished his highschool. Albert wanted to work in the NG so he was checking the news every day to see if they are recruiting. One day, when t opened the newspaper, he noticed a huge, blue text, 'The NG is recruiting'. He didn't think a second longer, he took his car and drove to the John fort Demorgan/Area 51. John made his tests and received 60 points from 60, Sergeants were happy about him and told John to take his uniform and badge. Now Albert was fully ready to fight the crime.
John was doing his best, after a few weeks the general was retired, his badge was given to John he's currently General of National Guard. John was really happy about it, so he worked hard. Months went and he wanted to try something else, something more extreme. He thought a bit and contacted his friend, who was a Sergeant back then. They spoke a bit, and the sergeant decided to give John a chance to prove himself. They made a few trainings and decided to hire John in their division - Infantry team. It was something totally different, it required a lot of patience and strength. John attend lots of operations, hostage situations, terrorist attacks, et cetera, people were amazed of his skills and character. Years went and department chiefs changed. Brian Toiknz introduced a new Infantry division, which John didn't enjoy that much, so he had to leave. He returned back to his general duties, till his old friend Jonathan Redula got promoted to Corporal. Since John was without division again, and since he wanted to change something in his duties and lifestyle. Jack contacted him via e-mail and sent a letter that he's accepted, but he had to do a test, which would show, either he's capable to hold this job or not. John was really nervous, but he passed the test withut any problems and got invited to Detective Bureau. John had never done this kind of job before, that was something new to him, but days went and he understood the way how this bureau works. He catched a lot of criminals, made a few successful case files, but then Jack retired and Bureau got closed. High Command told John to return back to his General Duties, till they appoint a new Director. He did so. After a few weeks they introduced the new Director - David Mactavish.John got invited back, because Ben knew that he is a 'great material' for this job. They made a lot of things together, which was quite hard to achieve. He continued his work, but after a few months he got quite bored of it, he wanted to achieve something higher, so he contacted some friends and they suggested him to join FBI.

Proof of identification

Provide us with your profile signature: (( A cropped screenshot of your /stats || Do NOT post any rubbish or Blur here ))
.[img]https://imgur.com/Mn8VzyD,uRoXQoT#1 [/STATS]
[img]https://imgur.com/Mn8VzyD,uRoXQoT#0 [/INV]


If Any

(( John Mark )) - FBI Applicant.

OOC information about yourself

Answer Here:John

Answer Here.16

Answer Here:Indonesian

Answer Here:Male

GMT Timezone:
Answer Here:+8

Have you fully read and understand the LSPD and FBI handbooks:


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Re: FBI Application

Post by Kaiz on Sat Apr 04, 2015 4:16 pm


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