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LSPD Application [Format]

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LSPD Application [Format] Empty LSPD Application [Format]

Post by Leo on Mon Feb 16, 2015 6:07 pm

LSPD Application Format

In Charather Information:
Date of birth:
Phone number:

Extended Data

Life story (Must be between 80-300 words):
Employment history: (Format: MM/YYYY - MM/YYYY - Employer, position)
What makes you a good material for a Police officer in your opinion and why?
What do you want to reach as a Police officer?
Have you ever committed a crime?
Do you hold a legal Los Santos driving license?
Do you hold a legal Los Santos firearm license?

(( Out of character ))

Ingame Level:
Previous Ingame Names: (Include all you remember, not only your current alternative accounts!)
Rate your English skills using numbers from zero to ten:
How much time do you spend playing on Origin State Gaming Roleplay everyday?:
How long have you been playing on Origin State Gaming Roleplay?:
How long have you been roleplaying?:
Have you ever been warned or banned by an administrator?:
If yes, list all your offences:

Tell the meaning and explain these RP Concepts:

RP -
IC -
DM -
PG -

Do you agree playing more than 60% of your whole playtime with your Police character:
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