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Tyrone's Moderator Application

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Tyrone's Moderator Application

Post by Guest on Sat Feb 21, 2015 8:09 pm

IG Name: Tyrone_Dabs
Playing Hours (Minimum of 30): 17 ((KaiZ said I can still apply))

Have you any current help rank? (If yes, specific) Yes, I am a Community Advisor and a Forum Admin.

How many time you dedicate for Professional RP (for week or per day) ? About 5 hours on weekdays, and about 10 on weekends.

Why you want to become a server moderator (Minimum of 50 words) ? I think I can really help with rule breakers and I can dedicate a lot of time to the server. I am very active and helpful. Being a Moderator will help me in experience, and help with server with an extra staff member. I can speak very good English and I am patient. I am able to remain calm in any situation. I am very respectful, and I know the responsibility needed.

What would you can do for the commnunity as a moderator (Minimum of 50 words) ? I could help moderate the server at times other staff is offline, and I can help bring players to the server. As I am a Forum Admin I can already help with the forums, and in-game I'm a Community Advisor so I've already started helping the server Smile . I can influence players to not break rules, and I can remain calm and respectful which will keep players respectful. My English skills will help me communicate to other players. My activity on the server will also help draw in players as they'll see someone else is on.

Why out of all the applicants should we pick you ? (Minimum of 50 words) I have already helped the server out some by being a Forum Admin and a Community Advisor. I have experience, and I know the responsibility. I am on everyday for around 5-6 hours. I also have never been kicked, banned, jailed, or warned. I am always honest and will never help a player break rules, or hide the fact the player did break rules.

Write the meaning of the following RP concepts and explain them or give an example:

IC - IC Means In-Character. IC Is the opposite of OOC. IC is info inside rp that does not include any ooc.
OOC - OOC Means Out-Of-Character. OOC is info that does not include anything in rp or your character. Ex. real life info, or chats outside rp.
MG - MG Means Metagame. Metagaming is using ooc info ic. Ex. ((OOC))Bob: i just got an xbox one in real life. ((IC))Jimmy: Bob got an xbox one in real life.
KoS - KoS Means Killing On Sight. Killing someone on site without rping any of it or killing someone the second you see them for no reason.
CR - CR Means Chicken Running. CR is when you run in a pattern preventing someone from shooting you.
BH - BH Means Bunny Hopping. BH is when you constantly jump to get somewhere faster, like a bunny.
CS - CS Means Crack Shooting. This is when you crouch, crouch, and shoot over and over to shoot faster.
RP - RP Means Roleplay. Roleplaying is playing the role of a different person without using info that doesn't connect to the player.
DM - DM Means Deathmatch. Deathmatching is killing for fun, or no rp reason. Ex. /me sees a man walking and decides to kill him for fun.
PK - PK Means Player Kill. A Player Kill is when a player is killed in rp and is able to continue on that character after respawning.
PG - PG Means Powergame. Powergaming is forcing a player to do something. Ex. /me punches Bob in the face 10 times without missing.
CK - CK Means Character Kill. This is the opposite of PK. CK is when you die, you can not continue that character. That character is dead.

Put here the screen shot your (/stats):


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Re: Tyrone's Moderator Application

Post by Leo on Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:22 am

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