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Arthur Diamond Helper Application

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Arthur Diamond Helper Application

Post by jhonguldy on Sat Apr 18, 2015 3:27 pm

IG Name: Arthur_Diamond

Age: 16

Timezone: GMT +7

When did you approximately join the community?

Why would you like to become a Community Helper? ((Minimum of 100 words))
if i become helper, of course i'll help new players around /newb, and answer their questions about RP, because that i got experience about RolePlay Server, and i'll teach a new player from now that i do, because this's Roleplay server, the RolePlay mean that all what we do is under the rules like in real life, we are not allowed to killing people without roleplay, or do something that impossible in real life, then we are not allowed to mixing I'C issues with Out of Characterly issues, it's might be metagame,what did i do to dimension the Role Play is always doing Role play using [/me] and [/do] such as repairing vehicles, make a drinks, speaking, or it could be kidnapping, robbery, rapes, all what we can do in real life.

Why should we choose YOU and not any other applicant? ((Minimum of 100 words))
I believe you should choose me out of the other applicants I should be employed because I have excellent knowledge of the many frequently asked questions, also have a fairly good knowledge on the others that are not so generally asked in the newbie chat. I've had a good experience in answering questions that new players have asked, in game and in newbie chat. I think that i will be a excellent if not great asset to the helper team. I also believe that all new players should be treated the same as experienced players, new players just need those few questions answered then they can enjoy the role playing experience with the rest of us. Overall my main reason why you should choose me is because I have a good understanding of international gaming role play server, I also want to help new players helping them to understand anything they would like to know.

Do you have a microphone?
I have it.

Do you have TeamSpeak?
I have

Do you agree that if you do not stay active, you will be removed without notice?
I Agree.

Picture of your stats Have you read the Community Helper Handbook?

Do you understand that being a Community Helper requires a lot of your time?
I understand.

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((Screen Shot of /stats:))

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