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Gang's Application Garuda's Army

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Gang's Application Garuda's Army Empty Gang's Application Garuda's Army

Post by RenoPermov on Thu Apr 02, 2015 2:21 pm

This's Biography of my family "Garuda Army", this family has been made by Rex this's the link Gang's Application Garuda's Army NmKYhMi , and i need to improve something in this family such as Family name, headquarters, skins id, ranks, and request for a Biz ( Restaurant Bizz ), I really hope the admin understand, and provide an opportunity to improve my family.

IG Name: Reno Permov

Playing Hours: 12 Hours

Name of gang you want to create: Garuda's Army

Co-Leader: Timur Kyne

Family Story (minimum 300 words):
born with a hard upbringing from his father as a soldier, trained from childhood by his father to personality and mentally tough and can be a soldier, Reno Permov born in Indonesia precisely in Batam Island, as a boy and only child, he trained hard for his father to the future become a soldier who can boast of his parents, the pain ensued in Reno was 12 years old when her mother died of a robbery that occurred at home, and at that time his father was received fieldwork in America, until he lost his mother, and 4 years later he got the bad news of his father died in Americans in battle.

Since then he learned from all the experience of his father as a soldier, until at the age of 22 years, Reno moved to America and find friends of his father who was also a soldier, they met and Reno learned a lot from his father's friend, until they make a small bevy of former soldiers, infantry soldiers and officers in the United States. Reno and his father's herd friends are like brothers, because according to his friends of his father, Reno father is a good man, spirited leader, understand the needs of his friend, and trustworthy, and it made her father's herd fellow comrades believe Reno as a child they believe will personality like his father.

Had been a bad thing in a group of Reno and friends of his father, yes there is a traitor who just went along with the group and it turned out he was a member of the FBI who claimed to be a close friend of his father, and capture the best member of Reno, being caught carrying drugs when they were driving, this traitor report keteman- friend to friend Reno police caught and gets bondage prison sentences, ranging from the time of Reno and his friends tighten this group, and to appreciate the services of his father, they create a family by the name Garuda's Army, Garuda means bird that symbolizes the state of Indonesia.

Family Vehicle/Cars ID:
- Sultan (560)

- Buffalo (402)

- Burrito (482)

- Patriot (470)

- Patriot (470)

- FCR-900 (521)

Color of the family cars (Color ID): Gold (61)

Family Ranks:

6- Jendral Besar

5- Kolonel

4- Mayor

3- Letnan

2- Sersan

1- Kopral

0- Prajurit

Family Skins (Skins ID:)
- 61

- 216

- 285

- 287

- 294

- 299

Family Hood: building at Market behind Mall.

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Gang's Application Garuda's Army Empty Re: Gang's Application Garuda's Army

Post by Kaiz on Thu Apr 02, 2015 4:17 pm


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