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Post by Robinsonz on Fri Apr 03, 2015 8:28 am

• In Character information

•   Name :Thomas_Robinson
•   Sex/Gender :Male
•   Age : 18
•   Contact Number :606059
•   Address :Muholland Intersection
•   Have you ever been arrested? :N/A
•   Are you willing to go to war-zones/police operations? :Yes
•   So you have any prior Law enforcement experience?  :Yes
•   Are you good with technology? (for TS division) :Yes
•   How is your public speaking? :Better Then Slang i talk with people like they talk
•   Are you good with people? :Yes
•   Will you use a car responsibly? :Yes
•   Would you prefer to be a racer, Yes i guess always
•   Why do you wish to Underground racing league Team? :
I would like to become a Race car driver because I like being on the front lines of all of the action, I also like being funny and just having fun with the other racer while doing so. I would love to start a racing of the New Car if that would be possible, Maybe do some street shows with some racer, I have a lot of ideas I want to imply in my career as a racing car driver. I also want to become a racing car driver because illegal street race makes me happy and can make some money for my life, that I think I can better further my talent in the section to a life career.

•   Life Biography :
Well Thomas started off living in San Fierro, He grew up in a Rich home and his parents really care that much about him. He always loved being with his friends and Family, when his family was nice to him. So one day he was watching Television, and he saw how much fun a Nascar racer was having while he was racing in the california track . He was like Dad I really want to become a Racer! So then his dad explained to him everything he needed to know about becoming one and how to do it, He told him once you turn 19 you can apply for a job at Underground racing league, they are usually hiring, So he was like dad I really want to do that. So then his dad told him he will need to get an education and go to workshop! So then he started looking up work on the workshop and such, then he found Illegal street racing and called unferground racing league, He was like oh gosh, I want to go to that racing team. So then he started researching the racer and seeing what it takes to go to that workshop, and started looking up what resources he need to do and what kind of grades he needs to join or apply to the car workshop. So after he did all of that he start telling all of his friends about the night racing club and they wanted to go , so they went to the track when nightday and start researching aswell about the illegal street race. So when he was reading about how to become a New Illegal racer, he read that you need a lot of English language and writing courses to become one. So then he start filling out applications for the racing to takes courses such as English and writing. So then Thomas went to car workshop, and graduated around the age of 20, Then he got his degree and applied for the Underground racing league to become a Pro Driver. So he gets a part time job at cluckin bell until he hears back from his application, it took about three months, He bought himself a car and had a steady pay check aswell as an apartment. So then he just sat and waited for the reply on the application hoping to get the job.

((Out Of Character Information))•

•   Name:Racer Thomas_Robinson
•   Character Level:3
•   Age:15
•   Origin:Indonesia
•   E-mail address: -
•   Hours Online During Week:3++
•   Hours Online During Weekend:3++
:•   Time Zone:GMT +8
•   Gang Experience:Many Experience
•   Have you Applied Before, for Any Other Faction:N/a


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URL Applyment Empty Re: URL Applyment

Post by Kaiz on Fri Apr 03, 2015 12:56 pm

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