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Adam Sand's LSPD Chief Application

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Adam Sand's LSPD Chief Application Empty Adam Sand's LSPD Chief Application

Post by Adam_Sand on Mon Oct 12, 2015 6:17 pm

Charather Information:-
Lastname: Adam
Firstname: Sand
Gender: Male
Origin: County
Date of birth: 12/09/1991
Phone number: -9696

Extended Data

Life story (Must be between 80-300 words): I was raised in an agricultural family in the county. My father died when I was young, 5 years old maybe. My mother raised me and my brother. My father was Vito Sand who was a mafia, he was killed by Latin Saints (A Gang). My mother name is Miley Sand and my brother's name is Jack Sand. Jack is my younger brother so I got some responsibility over him. Since the old days, I admired the cops who come over and Teach the peace breakers a lesson. As soon as I turned 23, I moved to Los Santos as a job and to support my family. My brother came along with me and we have moved into a small house near GS.  
Employment history: (Format: 6/2015 - 10/2015 - Self Emplayed, Farmer)
What makes you a good material for a Police officer in your opinion and why?
The thing which makes me a good officer is my seriousness towards my duty and the society. I want peace to be settled in the city. I am also a good negotiator and because of the reason I can speak various languages, I can deal with kidnappers easily. I want that no one else's family gets disturbed because of crimes and all. I want Los Santos to rise as the safest city in the country and I will do all the hardwork to achieve this.
What do you want to reach as a Police officer?
The only thing which I wanna reach as a Police Officer is the security of the citizens of Los Santos.
Have you ever committed a crime?
Do you hold a legal Los Santos driving license?
Do you hold a legal Los Santos firearm license?

(( Out of character ))

Ingame Level: 21
Previous Ingame Names: (Include all you remember, not only your current alternative accounts!): Adam_Hunter
Origin: India
Age: 15
Rate your English skills using numbers from zero to ten: 9 (Nine)
How much time do you spend playing on Origin State Gaming Roleplay everyday?: 2-3 hours at weekdays and 4-5 hours at weekends.
How long have you been playing on Origin State Gaming Roleplay?: a week or so.
How long have you been roleplaying?: 2 and a half years.
Have you ever been warned or banned by an administrator?: Never
If yes, list all your offences: -

Tell the meaning and explain these RP Concepts:

RP - Roleplay, performing someone's role. Maybe a drug dealer, cop, etc.
IC - In Character, the things which we perform while we are roleplaying.
OOC - Out Of Character, the things which we perform when we are not roleplaying.
CR - Car Ramming or Chicken Running. Car Ramming is attacking someone with car. Chicken Running is moving in a zig zag motion to prevent being hit by bullets.
DM - Deathmatching, killing someone.
PG - Power Gaming, Imposing powers over other/Having powers which we are not supposed to have while roleplaying like falling from a high building without being damaged.
RT- Rush tazing, tazing players on a rush. (Only Cops/FBI).

Do you agree playing more than 60% of your whole playtime with your Police character: Yes.

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Adam Sand's LSPD Chief Application Empty Re: Adam Sand's LSPD Chief Application

Post by Kaiz on Tue Oct 20, 2015 6:56 pm

Already Accept
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