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Leadership Application of LSPD - Kevon Jaydee

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Leadership Application of LSPD - Kevon Jaydee Empty Leadership Application of LSPD - Kevon Jaydee

Post by VoltMeter on Mon Oct 12, 2015 7:58 pm

(( I do not want to lead SAAS anymore. So, here is my application for LSPD Leadership. But, it is according to the pattern, you have given ))

Leadership Application of LSPD - Kevon Jaydee Lspd3
Leadership Application
In Character Information:

Lastname: Jaydee
Firstname: Kevon
Gender: Male
Origin: Italy
Date of birth: 07 - 07 - 1991
Phone number: 555-012-345 (( -12345 ))

Extended Data

Life story (Must be between 80-300 words):

It was 7th of July, of the year 1991, when a baby was crying in a General Hospital in Italy. It was Kevon, son of Revon and Amanda. This baby boy was named Kevon like his father's name. Being cute, lovely and stylish in the life coming after, Kevon was sure to know that his life is going to be full of fun and enjoyment. But he was wrong. When Kevon turned 3 years old, his mother, Amanda, died in a car accident. The Car Accident was bad enough to kill his mother at the spot. But his father was saved by the Paramedics. Kevon was full of sorrow, when he saw himself getting split up from his mother only at the age of 3. Then he thought that Death is obvious. It is going to take everyone from the world.
When Kevon was 5 years old, his father took him to a place, an old building with some sort of flags on it. It was his first school. Kevon started to learn the meaning of his life, its objective and about its end. Understanding the concepts, learning the definitions, and doing all his homework on time made him stand first in the class. Being a popular, smart and handsome guy, Kevon was liked by all. But as soon as he placed his first step in High School, bullies got him. Grabbed his homework, money and everything he had on him. Kevon complained about that to his dad, but unfortunately, due to the fear of rivalries, his dad could not do anything to sort this thing out.
At 17 years of age, Kevon joined a gym. Started building muscles, body work and stamina increasing training surrounded him. But soon after that, he was a good looking, muscular, and smart guy. Being a muscle guy, he eventually created rivalries with many of the people of the town. And as his dad feared, rivalries grew up and took his father's life. Kevon was forced to move out of Italy. He thought of his friend, Kaycee, who lived in San Fierro. Kevon rang her up, told her that he was coming to San Fierro the next day. And, when he reached San Fierro the next day after he called Kaycee. Kevon re-joined a high school, completed his studies and joined a college and then a university in Los Santos to study further ahead. Completing his Masters, Diplomas and Other Higher Studies, he was offered a job in San Fierro Police Department as a Senior Officer.
From that day, Kevon's life started to turn towards the fun he thought that he would have, when he was born. Kevon, working all day, and studying all night, eventually became Chief of San Fierro Police Department. At that time, his age was 24. Internal Affairs grabbed him, and made him get his transfer to Los Santos Police Department as a Officer. Kevon worked under Chief Hanna Smith. Hanna was a nice Police Officer in all sorts of things. Being impressed by his abilities, Hanna promoted him.
In 2015, Hanna was dismissed from her position of Chief of Los Santos Police Department. And that position was vacant. Kevon tried his luck, opened LSPD's website, applied for that post, and still awaits his result.

Employment history: (Format: MM/YYYY - MM/YYYY - Employer, position)

- 02/2012 - 05/2014. San Fierro Police Department. Officer.
- 06/2014 - 01/2015. San Fierro Police Department. Chief.
- 02/2015 - 10/2015. Los Santos Police Department. Officer.

What makes you a good material for a Police officer in your opinion and why?

The skills which I possess, might make me a good Police Officer according to my opinion. I am effluent in both speaking and writing English as well as, my body is a perfect match for Los Santos Police Department's Chief. The most important thing that is a good material for Police Officer in me, is that I am loyal, honest and can be trusted. I work for LSPD, without caring about my life, my goals and everything. Another thing, I want to state is that, I want to work for LSPD to remove all of these crimes in the city that are increasing day by day rapidly. These crimes can only be stopped, if a person, with a strong determination is appointed as LSPD's Chief. I know, and I believe, that I am a man with strong determination. The last thing is that, I want to teach the new cadets, and officers that are in LSPD, some things that they do not mostly know, like the rules of The Force Matrix, San Andreas Penal Code and other things like that.
P.S. I am a good handbook maker.

What do you want to reach as a Police officer?

The only thing I want to reach, as the Chief of Los Santos Police Department, is that, A clean Los Santos, without any heavy crimes like drug and arms dealing and their smuggling. I know that the streets can never be cleared from the crimes, but at least, if I am given a chance, maybe I can prove these things wrong and make the city clean.
Other than this, I want to be famous, and be a respectable person in everyone's eyes so that everyone can have a hope that if anything happens, Los Santos Police Department will handle it. Being their new chief, I want a better team, which would be more experienced in tactics mostly, so that they can handle themselves and other people in case of any unfavorable conditions.

Have you ever committed a crime? Never.
Do you hold a legal Los Santos driving license? Positive.
Do you hold a legal Los Santos firearm license? Yes.

(( Out of character ))

Ingame Level: 11
Previous Ingame Names: (Include all you remember, not only your current alternative accounts!) -None-
Origin: Pakistan. South Asia.
Age: 16
Rate your English skills using numbers from zero to ten: 10.
How much time do you spend playing on Origin State Gaming Roleplay everyday?: 4-5+ hours on working days. 8+ hours on weekends.
How long have you been playing on Origin State Gaming Roleplay?: Like a week or something.
How long have you been roleplaying?: 5 Years.
Have you ever been warned or banned by an administrator?: No, By the way, I am supported by two administrators (Mister and Misses Jay).
If yes, list all your offences: -None-

Tell the meaning and explain these RP Concepts:

RP -
RP stands for Role-Play. It means that we take on a role of a character, play with it as we do in real life and do not do anything non-realistic.

IC -
IC stands for In-Character. It means the things, the chats, the person and the actions that occur inside the game rather than those which are taking place in the real world.

OOC stands for Out-Of-Character. It means the things, the chats, the person and the actions that occur in real life rather than those which are taking place in the gaming world.

CR -
CR stands for two things;
1. Car Ramming.
2. Chicken Running.

Car Ramming means to hit a car with another car, either with full speed or normal one, then just running away ignoring the car crashing role-play.
Chicken Running means to avoid a role-play or a gun-fight while running with full speed on foot.

DM -
DM stands for Death-match. It means to kill a person without a valid or good Role-Playing reason. Or to kill a person with a non role-play reason or just for fun.

PG -
PG stands for Powergaming. It has two meanings;
1. Powergaming means to do actions in the game, which a person cannot perform in the real life.
2. Powergaming also means to force RP towards a person. Not giving them a chance to deny or accept the RP.

RT stands for Rush-Tazing. If there is a gun-fight going on, with lethal weapons, (like Handguns, Shotguns, SMGs, M4s etc.) and an officer takes out his tazer, reloads it and shoots it on them, it will be called Rush Tazing.

Do you agree playing more than 60% of your whole playtime with your Police character: Sure. I can also spend 80% of my playing time on duty.

Applicants Statement

I certify that the answers contained within this application for employment are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. By signing below I hereby authorize investigation of all statements contained within this application for employment as may be necessary in arriving at an employment decision. I hereby understand and acknowledge that, unless otherwise defined by applicable law, any employment relationship with this organization is of an "at will" nature, which means that the Employee may resign at any time and the Employer may discharge Employee from the recruitment process at any time with or without cause. It is further understood that this "at will" employment relationship may not be changed by any written document or by conduct unless such change is specifically acknowledged in writing by an authorized executive of this organization. In the event of employment, I understand that any false or misleading information given in my application or interview(s) may result in denial and bar from re-application. I understand, also, that I am required to abide by all rules and regulations of the employer.



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