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Motaz Rached:S.H.A.F.T Application

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Motaz Rached:S.H.A.F.T Application Empty Motaz Rached:S.H.A.F.T Application

Post by Motaz Rached on Sat Jun 27, 2015 4:58 pm

i was at LSPD two years ago. I was an Senior Officer there. I learn a lot from there, Thats why i will try my best at here.
I will be a good agent, because I will follow all the orders that are given to me, and If I manage to be a member of SHAFT, I will try to make San Andreas a better place. I will never corrupt or betray my Lothe meaning and explain these RP Concepts:

RP - Roleplaying - Roleplaying is pretending that your character is in real life.
IC - In character - Everything that is in the RP world, and not OOC.
OOC - Out of character - OOC is stuff like real life and you can't mix it OOC with IC, that would be metagaming.
CR - Chicken running - Running in a zig-zag pattern to avoid bullets. OR Car ramming : ramming with a car non-rp'ly.
DM - Deathmatching - Killing someone without a RP reason.
PG - Powergaming - Doing something that is impossible to do in real life.
RT - Rush tazing - Tazing someone when they are discharging a firearmvely country. I will try my Best Wink

Motaz Rached

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Motaz Rached:S.H.A.F.T Application Empty Re: Motaz Rached:S.H.A.F.T Application

Post by Prime on Tue Sep 08, 2015 9:53 am

Is That All you Know? Well I think you Dont Even Know The Codes Smile


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