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Application of Michael Walker for Airforce

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Application of Michael Walker for Airforce

Post by Michael Walker on Sat Oct 24, 2015 12:06 pm

In Character Questions

Name:* Michael Walker

Gender:* Male

Date of Birth:* August 25, 19990

Place of Birth:* Los Santos/San Andreas CIty, General Hospital

Current Address:* Idlewood

Contact Number:* 841188


Biography:* I'm Michael Walker Born at Los Santos General Hospital, I'm an innocent man I'm here to be a Good Citizens of this nation and my dreams are to save our nation from the problems and i will help every person who is on trouble. I'm from San Andeas I will kkep this City Safe.

Why do you want to Join the SAAS?*  I want to be a San Andreas Armed Services of this Nation to help and to save more lives of our people we need to protect our nation and I will be the one who will save and I will take some people to help me to do that.

Out of Character Questions

Age:* 16

Gender:* Male

Country:* Philippines

Alternate Accounts/Past Names:* None.

Do you have Teamspeak installed?* Yes, I have.

Do you have a working Microphone?* Yes, I have.

Stats Screenshot #1:*

Stats Screenshot #2:*

Michael Walker

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