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INT Moderator Application [Format] Fallow this

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INT Moderator Application [Format] Fallow this

Post by Leo on Mon Feb 16, 2015 5:32 pm

Fallow this

IG Name:
Playing Hours (Minimum of 30):

Have you any current help rank? (If yes, specific)

How many time you dedicate for Professional RP (for week or per day) ?

Why you want to become a server moderator (Minimum of 50 words) ?

What would you can do for the commnunity as a moderator (Minimum of 50 words) ?

Why out of all the applicants should we pick you ? (Minimum of 50 words)

Write the meaning of the following RP concepts and explain them or give an example:

IC -
MG -
KoS -
CR -
BH -
CS -
RP -
DM -
PK -
PG -
CK -

Put here the screen shot your (/stats):
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